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It’s time for the Kineko Quarterly Update!
As you have seen or heard, there are some big changes coming for Kineko, the biggest of which is our upcoming transition to the Solana network. In case you missed that announcement, you can view it here!

Token Burn

The token burn was…

Greetings, High Rollers!

We hope you’re enjoying the Kineko experience so far. We’re writing to share an exciting development with you today that we believe will greatly enhance the Kineko ecosystem.

As many of you know, the crypto landscape is one that is changing and growing at an exponential pace…

Firstly, the team at Kineko would like to thank our amazing community for assisting us and continuing to be great participants in this exciting project!

August was an interesting month in sports, considering it was the “summer break” we still had the Olympics, Premier League, ESL1 Dota and some UFC/Boxing…

Today at 10:44am CET we have burnt 268865KKO! This amounts to half the value of the reserves.

The KKO was sent to: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead and you can see the transaction on etherscan here:

Welcome to the first installation of the Kineko monthly review. Outlined in this article we will go over some of the areas being developed and the areas we will be tackling in the short term and long term future!

Firstly, we would like to thank our amazing community for helping…

Kineko Emissions Reductions and New Platform User Rewards

The Kineko team has decided to alter how the rewards are distributed amongst the DeFi users and platform users in order to benefit everyone in the short and long term.

Staking Rewards Adjustments

After reexamining how these first few weeks have…

A Platform Usage Incentivization

Kineko has launched their User Volume pool and we’re excited to share some details on it to the users!

2% of weekly staking distributions will be sent to user accounts in $KKO based on their on-site betting volume in ETH, BTC or KKO! As an example…

With much excitement we are happy to bring to you the Kineko platform! Now you can enjoy all your favourite table games, slots and most importantly sports betting! You can now use your KKO, ETH or BTC for any wager you wish to make!

Introducing the Kineko User Volume Pool

With the successful release of

At 4am EST today the staking pools were rebalanced as outlined in the Kineko emission schedule.

Stable pool emissions were reduced from 5% per pool to 3.3%. This reduction was added to the KKO-ETH pool which is now receiving 65% of the total emissions.

In the following week on the…

Liquidity Bootstrapping Event

On Friday, May 7th our Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool on Balancer took place and was completed successfully, though with some obstacles along the way. The Balancer pool was scripted to enable liquidity drops which would artificially act as a large sell driving down the price of KKO, thus giving investors a…


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