At 3pm we will deploy liquidity to Sushiswap for KKO-ETH pool.

Staking will go live on the 9th of May at 10am EST.

The following weights are the rewards for the according pools.

  • 60% KKO/ETH LP tokens, this pair is to provide liquidity for the purchase of the KKO token.
  • 25% KKO single stake pool, this pool is to reward the holders of KKO who may not want to be in the LP pool
  • 15% USDC/USDT/DAI pools, Bootstrapping pools for those who hold stables and wish to be rewarded in KKO. These pools will be reduced by 5% total a week until they are removed completely.

Be sure to be a part of our communities for all general discussion about staking, our community managers will be on hand to answer any questions you have.



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$KKO Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool Tutorial & Info

As we approach the Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) event on Friday (May 7th at 10:00 EST), we felt it was important to understand the motives behind choosing this style of token distribution. Why we thought this was the best distribution method, important details about the distribution and the mechanisms involved in a LBP will all be outlined in this article.

Why Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP)?

Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools are a type of pool designed to allow for initial token distribution and fair price discovery for early adopters of DeFi projects. Kineko will be using Liquidity Drop Bootstrapping which injects liquidity into the pool at random…

The Kineko Exchange is a fully-licensed high throughput bookmaker focused on Sports and eSports betting. Users are just a few clicks away from placing a bet in either our native $KKO token or many other supported cryptocurrencies.


Betting markets work in essentially the same way as a trading market. In order to facilitate a bet or a trade there needs to be two parties, each holding one side of the contract. One side of the bet supplies the liquidity (the maker) and the other side of the bet will receive the liquidity when certain underlying conditions are met (the taker)…

Firstly, thanks for being an early participant in the $KKO Community!

Since you’re one of the first people in the Community we thought we would give you guys a tasty piece of the $KKO pie. In order to claim your 888 $KKO reward, all you have to do is complete a few simple tasks and you will be whitelisted to claim your tokens after the Token Generation Event (TGE).

You will be eligible for this Airdrop if you have joined the Kineko Discord Community before 10 AM EST on the 29th of April to receive the ‘OG’ Rank.

There are…

After much deliberation and consultation the Kineko team has decided the best way to release the $KKO tokens to the public in a fair manner, is a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LPB) on the Balancer protocol.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Balancer protocol here is some light reading on how a Liquidity bootstrapping will benefit everybody in the fairest manor possible.

There were two major concerns for the Kineko Team when considering what would be the best way to distribute the tokens as fairly as possible.

The first concern was using a launchpad to distribute the token, meant the…

Governments all around the world are increasingly imposing stricter regulations on online betting operations, this directly interferes with the user experience by setting specific rules and restrictions. Extrapolating this trend it becomes clear that the future of online betting is decentralized and crypto-based. The consequence is that betting site operators around the world are being forced into thinking about technological innovation.

As decentralized finance grows at a rapid rate, many teams are looking to develop their own fit for how they can apply the DeFi mechanisms and structures. …


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